Doing your part in a changing world.

The world as we know it has changed, and rather quickly.

Who would have thought 6 months ago that our country would be facing a Pandemic right now! Social distancing is a new normal and the atmosphere of fear and panic is prevalent.

Life is full of change and transition and if you thought your life was going to stay the same, you should have took a picture.

We have weathered many storms, the recession of 2008, the California drought, 911, Wine Country and the Butte County wildfires, are some of the tragedies that we have faced but made it through to the other side.

Like most things that happen is life, it does not come to stay, but it comes to pass.

During this time of transition, you can choose to get caught up in the fear, negativity and the gloom and doom or you can use this as an opportunity for your personal growth and to be a positive presence in the world.

I believe this is an interesting time in history and the world is looking for leaders, people that will stand up and be a light bearer in the middle of all this, because one day, God willing, you will look back at this moment, BUT will it be with pride or with regret?

Ask yourself

  • How can I keep a positive attitude?

  • What kind of opportunities do I have right now to be my best self?

  • What areas can I course correct or improve upon?

  • How can I best take care of myself?

  • How can I serve others at a different level?

  • When this is all over, what would I want to have accomplished?

1. A great place to start is your attitude. Don’t add to the chaos and

watch what you consume! There’s no need to seek out the

negative so, cut out all the negative news and stories. There is

nothing wrong with being informed but constant negative news is

the quickest way to bring you into a spirit of fear and doubt.

2. Also, watch the company you keep or in this case who you listen to.

You don’t want to fill your head with negative information or

people who are not speaking positive, especially now. What you

focus on determines your reality. “Negative people tend to bring

you down by focusing on the problem without finding a solution.

Positive people are solution oriented and when faced with a

challenge, they are determined to take it on and look for the good.

3. This is a great time for self-examination, to go inward and reflect

spiritually. This is an opportunity to work on some things about

you that you want to improve on. Take the opportunity to pray,

meditate, read the bible, personal growth books and listen to CD’s

with positive or motivational information and you will notice a

change over time. Also, making quiet time for yourself and

journaling your thought and feelings are always helpful.

4. Transition and change can be very stressful which can wreak havoc

on your health. What’s happening in our world, happened so quickly

that we barely had time to absorb it all. In times of stress and

anxiety, it’s even more critical to eat right, exercise, and get at least

6-8 hours of sleep. Of course, follow the recommended universal

precautions to keep yourself healthy and just take care of yourself.

5. Finally, although we are under social isolation, make a greater

effort to stay in touch with friends, family, contacts and

connections. Find ways to give back, to add value, reach out by

email, send a letter, phone call or a social media encouraging post.

In challenging times reaching out to others with encouragement

can be a game changer this allows you to focus on giving, not

being in a state of panic and being helpful which is important.

At the end of the day you want to be a light in the middle of a dark time, so do your best to shine!

Also, please reach out and let me know how I can support you.

Call me at 707 741-3131 or Contact me on my website

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