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After working over 25 years in the Healthcare Industry, with the last

17 years in Social Services as a Case Manager, providing support to families and patients during difficult transitions with their health;

I suffered my own personal health crisis.

While recovering at home, I was fortunate enough to use my time to self-reflect and I found myself at a crossroad because, although I really enjoyed my career, I realized that I wanted to do something different.

I knew I was deeply passionate about helping people achieve goals they did not think possible, and wanted to continue to do this, so after exploring and researching; my new vocation was born.

My name is Joann Bradley.  I am an ICF Certified Professional Life Coach and a Speaker. I can relate to the difficulties and challenges that can come during a personal or career change because I have experience it myself!

My focus is on life or career transitions and  I have combined my qualifications, training, experience, and extensive people development skills to enable clients to:

  • Achieve a good life-work-balance

  • Get clear about your values and what is important to you

  • Review and plan your career options

  • Get more focused with your purpose and direction,

  • Manage your time and eliminate procrastination

  • Increase your confidence

  • To help you be more positive and optimistic

  • Appreciate and acknowledge your skills, abilities, and achievements

  • Work more effectively to set and achieve your goals

I truly believe that everyone can benefit from Life Coaching and that is why I love what I do!  After all, who wouldn’t want someone devoted to helping them achieve their goals, providing encouragement and support in a non-judgmental way! It is very rewarding to be able to empower and motivate my clients to be the person they want to be.

"Helping you get from Your Now to Your Next!"

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